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Dissertation Completion Fellowship


Award Recipients

2013–14 Dissertation Completion Fellowship Recipients

The Graduate College is pleased to announce that four WMU doctoral students have been named recipients of Dissertation Completion Fellowships for the 2013–14 academic year. The 2013–14 Dissertation Completion Fellowship recipients are as follows:

Shadi Bedoor - Department of Physics: Bedoor will receive a full-year fellowship for his dissertation “Structural Evolution in the Neutron-Rich Nuclei 14B and 13B.” His dissertation advisor is Dr. Alan Wuosmaa. Mr. Bedoor’s work is focused in an area of nuclear physics that is of considerable current interest, namely the structure of “exotic” nuclei – unstable nuclei that are very different from those of the stable chemical elements normally found in nature. The results of this work specifically is already gaining international recognition.

Racha El Kadiri - Department of Geosciences: El Kadiri will receive a full-year fellowship for her dissertation “GIS and Remote Sensing Applications for Assessing, Modeling and Mitigating Environmental Hazards in Mountainous Areas: A Case Study from Jazan, Saudi Arabia.” Dr. Mohamed Sultan is the dissertation advisor. El Kadiri utilizes an integrated approach (modeling, remote sensing, and Geographical Information Systems) to address (1) the assessment of the hazards pertaining to landslides in the Red Sea hills in Saudi Arabia, (2) deciphering the factors controlling their distribution, and (3) the mitigation of the different types of landslides.

Michael Romano - Department of Political Science: Romano will receive a full-year fellowship to complete his dissertation “Mediated Homestyle: Congressional Strategy and Local Press Relations in the 111th House of Representatives.” Mr. Romano analyzes the way members of Congress use the local media to connect with their constituents in their districts. The questions he addresses are of concern to students of representation generally as well as to those who focus on Congress and the media as institutions in American politics. Dr. John Clark is Romano’s dissertation advisor.

Elizabeth Warburton - Department of Biological Sciences: Warburton will receive a full-year fellowship for her dissertation “Predicting relative roles of host exposure and parasite establishment using Eptesicus fuscus (Mammalia: Chiroptera) and its helminthes as a model system.” Her dissertation advisor is Dr. Maarten Vonhof. Her dissertation will examine geographic variation in the factors that influence host susceptibility to parasites and hence the aggregation of parasites among hosts. Knowledge of the basis of individual variation in host susceptibility is critical to understanding transmission dynamics and rate of spread of pathogens, and therefore her research will provide valuable insight into the epidemiological and micro evolutionary dynamics of host-parasite interactions.

Page Updated: April 22, 2013