Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Within the online application system, applicants must provide general information (including educational history details), as well as the following specific program requirements.

Applicants must also request official transcripts, and any required graduate test and/or language proficiency official scores, be sent to WMU.

Application deadlines

Applications are due by January 15 (even years only), for a Summer II semester program start.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is required; please submit within the online application system.

Graduate test

This program requires the General GRE.

Note: International applicants may have to provide evidence of English language proficiency. More information can be found within the online application.


This program requires three recommendation letters. Please send email requests for such recommendation from within the online system.

Applicants should include a note within their recommender requests that such recommenders should address the following: What is your opinion of the applicant’s potential as a Ph.D. student in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences program? Give views on such matters as his/her accomplishments, intellectual independence, research interests, capacity for analytical thinking, ability to work with others, ability to organize and express ideas clearly(orally and in writing) and experience. (Limit 500 words)

Written statement

Please prepare a statement which covers the following information, and attach it within the online application:

Please summarize your experiences in 1) academic, 2) professional and 3) research, creative and/or scholarly activities and indicate how these experiences make you an ideal candidate for this graduate program. Describe the strengths of your educational and professional preparation for entering this program and how these align with your professional goals. Describe any weaknesses and how you plan to address them, and also include your research interests and goals. This statement (double-spaced and between 750 and 1500 words) will demonstrate your communications skills and writing competence.

Previous written work

This program does not require any previous written work be submitted.

Other program materials

This program does not require any other program materials to be submitted.

Additional information

Please note that the resume/CV submitted for this application must follow the order shown in the CV template located on the program website.

If you have any questions, please review the website below for program and contact information.

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D — College of Health and Human Services

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