Account Conflicts

Due to Western Michigan University's agreement with Google, it has gained the right to use login names. Conflicting accounts occur if a user has already established their email address to log in to their personal Google account. If you do not currently use your address to sign in to a personal Google account, you will not have a conflicting account. If you have a conflicting account, please follow the steps below to resolve the conflict. The video above will help you understand conflicting accounts.

It is recommended that you NOT migrate any data as part of the account conflict process. If you would like to move your data to the new Google Apps for Education account, please resolve the account conflict and then view the account migration instructions. By following WMU's recommendation your personal data will be unaltered by this process and will remain in your personal Google account.

WMU recommends that you rename your account to an address by following the steps below when prompted. You may still choose to rename your account to something other than such as if you like.*

  1. After January 5th 2015, log in to your personal Google account that uses the login name. If you have a name conflict you will be prompted with the following screen titled An update to your account is required. If you do not see that screen you do not have a conflicting login name and these instructions do not apply to you.
  2. Click the Next button to skip to step 2. WMU does not recommending following step 1, in which Google will attempt to automatically move data from your personal account to the WMU organizational account. Please follow WMU's account migration instructions after this process is complete if you wish to move or copy the data from your personal account to your new WMU account.
  3. In the What kind of account would you like? section, select An account with Gmail and a new address (recommended). Click the Continue » button.
  4. In the Choose your Gmail address field, enter your desired login/address. 
  5. Enter your name and mobile phone number and click the Submit button. Note: The mobile phone number is optional.
  6. If you entered a mobile phone number, you will be asked to verify it. Follow the remaining prompts to verify your mobile phone number.
  7. Your account conflict will now be resolved and your data will be associated with your new personal Gmail login address.

*Note: The data stored in your personal Google account will remain unchanged even if you choose an alternate email address like