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 Thinking about an internship?

Many of you will complete an internship while pursuing your degree at Western Michigan University, either with an organization in our region or abroad.

In addition to the educational and professional opportunities that internships present, employers tell us that they like to see internship experiences on applicants' resumes.


Majors or minors in global and international studies are eligible to enroll in INTL 4980, a three-credit internship experience that counts toward the degree.

Application process

Please send the following to

  • Resume - You must work with the Career Services Writing Center before submission!¬†
  • A one page cover letter addressed to the Global and International Studies Internship Committee stating why you are interested in working for the organization. Be sure to research the organization prior to beginning the cover letter.

Please do not apply directly to the organization if you wish to receive credit for this internship.


  • Cultivate professional competence that will aid in securing employment after graduation.
  • Explore a career field while obtaining first-hand experience working in a job environment of interest.
  • Gain a deeper appreciation of concepts that we examine in the classroom.
  • Offer services, skills and fresh ideas to a work site or cause that is meaningful to you.
  • Receive mentoring from experienced professionals.

Grants and funding

Most internships are not paid, so it's wise to explore outside funding opportunities. Some examples include:

Genelle Monger
Major: global and international studies Status: senior

Global and international studies major Genelle Monger was awarded the Next Generation Nonprofit Leaders Internship Stipend.

Please feel free to make an appointment with us to explore internship opportunities and to talk about your academic and career interests!

Career and Student Employment Services office has more advice and information on internships.