Photo of Laura Hastings
Director of Global and International Studies
(269) 387-5652
Photo of Kala  Willette
Academic Advisor
(269) 387-5653
Photo of Fritz Allhoff
Professor of Philosophy
(269) 387-4503
Photo of Jeffrey Angles
Associate Professor of Japanese
(269) 387-3044
Photo of Sisay Asefa
Professor of Economics
(269) 387-5556
Photo of Luigi Berto
Associate Professor of History
(269) 387-4580
Photo of Katie Bolter
Global and International Studies Instructor
Photo of Sandra Borden
Professor of Communication
325 Sprau Tower, Mail Stop 5318
Photo of José Brandão
Professor of History
(269) 387-4649
Global and International Studies Instructor
(269) 387-5653
Photo of Jim Butterfield (On sabbatical)
Professor of Political Science
(269) 387-5696
Photo of Sue Ellen Christian
Professor of Communication
(269) 387-3145
Photo of Stephen Covell
Professor of Comparative Religion
(269) 387-4365
Photo of Satish Deshpande
Associate Dean for Operations and Graduate Programs Haworth College of Business
(269) 387-5067
Photo of Vincent Desroches
Associate Professor of French
(269) 387-6241
Photo of Howard Dooley
Professor of History
(269) 387-4637
Photo of Jacqueline Eng
Associate Professor of Anthropology
(269) 387-3973
Photo of Olivia Gabor-Peirce
Associate Professor of German and Advisor of German
(269) 387-3036
Assistant Professor, Homer Stryker School of Medicine
(269) 337-4400
Photo of Robb Gillespie
Assistant Professor of Geosciences
(269) 387-5364
Photo of Wafa Hassan
Assistant Professor of Arabic
(269) 387-3399
Photo of Gunther Hega
Associate Professor of Political Science
(269) 387-5885
Photo of Sarah Hill
Associate Professor of Environmental and Sustainability Studies
(269) 387-2737
Photo of Thomas Kostrzewa
Instructor of Global and International Studies
Photo of Irma López
Chair of Spanish
(269) 387-3014
Photo of Molly Lynde-Recchia
Chair of World Languages and Literatures
(269) 387-6243
Associate Professor of Anthroplogy
(269) 387-3964
Photo of Daniel Macfarlane
Assistant Professor of Environmental and Sustainability Studies
(269) 387-5870
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
(269) 387-4133
Photo of Jennifer Machiorlatti
Director of Undergraduate Studies Telecommunications and Information Management
(269) 387-3146
Photo of Lei Meng
Associate Professor of Geography
(269) 387-3418
Photo of Ann Miles
Professor of Sociology
(269) 387-5282
Photo of Michael Millar
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3026
Photo of Mustafa Mirzeler
Professor of English
(269) 387-2567
Photo of Angela Moe
Professor of Sociology
(269) 387-5276
Photo of Patricia Montilla
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3040
Associate Professor of Economics
(269) 387-5542
Photo of Mustafa Mughazy
Professor of Arabic
(269) 387-2933
Photo of Steve Newell
Professor of Business
(269) 387-6166
Photo of Natalio Ohanna
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3018
Doctoral Graduate Assistant
Photo of James Palmitessa
Associate Professor of History
(269) 387-4640
Photo of Pablo Pastrana-Pérez
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-2955
Photo of Alisa Perkins
Assistant Professor
(269) 387-4396
Photo of Carlos Pimentel
Professor of Japanese
(269) 387-3005
Photo of Anna Popkova
Assistant Professor of Communication
(269) 387-3156
Photo of Susan Pozo
Professor of Economics
(269) 387-5553
Photo of Shaila Rao
Professor of Special Education and Literacy Studies
Photo of Diane Riggs
Faculty Specialist I Comparative Religion
(269) 387-0346
Photo of Cynthia Running-Johnson
Professor of French
(269) 387-3021
Photo of Rika Saito
Associate Professor of Japanese
(269) 387-3020
Photo of Vivan Steemers
Associate Professor of French
(269) 387-3019
Photo of Ken Steuer
Program Assistant
(269) 387-5642
Photo of Mercedes Tasende
Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3003
Photo of Mercedes Tubino-Blanco
Assistant Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3012
Photo of Ann Veeck
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-6140
Photo of Gregory Veeck
Professor of Geography
(269) 387-3420
Photo of Cynthia Visscher
Faculty Specialist, Religion and Health
(269) 387-4394
Photo of Maarten Vonhof
Professor of Biological Sciences
(269) 387-5626
Photo of Xiaojun Wang
Professor of Chinese
(269) 387-6242
Photo of YK Wang
Associate Professor of Political Science
(269) 387-5680
Professor of English
(269) 387-2605
Photo of Kristina Wirtz
Professor of Anthropology
(269) 387-0408
Professor of History
(269) 387-4648
Photo of Li Yang
Associate Professor of Geography
(269) 387-3414
Photo of Huizhong Zhou
Professor of Economics
(269) 387-5550