Photo of Laura Hastings
Director of Global and International Studies
(269) 387-5652
Photo of Kala  Willette
Academic Advisor
(269) 387-5653
Photo of Fritz Allhoff
Associate Professor
(269) 387-4503
Photo of Jeffrey Angles
Associate Professor of Japanese
(269) 387-3044
Photo of Sisay Asefa
Professor of Economics
(269) 387-5556
Photo of Luigi Berto
Associate Professor of History
(269) 387-4580
Photo of Katie Bolter
Global and International Studies Instructor
Photo of Sandra Borden
Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Ethics in Society
325 Sprau Tower, Mail Stop 5318
Photo of José Brandão
Professor of History
(269) 387-4649
Global and International Studies Instructor
(269) 387-5653
Photo of Jim Butterfield (On sabbatical)
Director of Graduate Studies in Political Science
(269) 387-5696
Photo of Sue Ellen Christian
Professor of Communication
(269) 387-3145
Photo of Stephen Covell
Department Chair of Comparative Religion
(269) 387-4365
Photo of Satish Deshpande
Associate Dean for Operations and Graduate Programs Haworth College of Business
(269) 387-5067
Photo of Vincent Desroches
Associate Professor of French
(269) 387-6241
Photo of Howard Dooley
Professor of History
(269) 387-4637
Photo of Jacqueline Eng
Associate Professor of Anthropology
(269) 387-3973
Photo of Olivia Gabor-Peirce
Associate Professor of German and Advisor of German
(269) 387-3036
Assistant Professor, Homer Stryker School of Medicine
(269) 337-4400
Photo of Robb Gillespie
Assistant Professor of Geosciences
(269) 387-5364
Photo of Wafa Hassan
Assistant Professor of Arabic
(269) 387-3399
Photo of Gunther Hega
Associate Professor of Political Science
(269) 387-5885
Photo of Sarah Hill
Associate Professor of Environmental and Sustainability Studies
(269) 387-2737
Photo of Irma López
Chair of Spanish
(269) 387-3014
Photo of Molly Lynde-Recchia
Chair of World Languages and Literatures
(269) 387-6243
Associate Professor of Anthroplogy
(269) 387-3964
Photo of Daniel Macfarlane
Assistant Professor of Environmental and Sustainability Studies
(269) 387-5870
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
(269) 387-4133
Photo of Jennifer Machiorlatti
Director of Undergraduate Studies Telecommunications and Information Management
(269) 387-3146
Photo of Lei Meng
Associate Professor of Geography
(269) 387-3418
Photo of Ann Miles
Professor of Sociology
(269) 387-5282
Photo of Michael Millar
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3026
Photo of Mustafa Mirzeler
Professor of English
(269) 387-2567
Photo of Angela Moe
Professor of Sociology
(269) 387-5276
Photo of Patricia Montilla
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3040
Associate Professor of Economics
(269) 387-5542
Photo of Mustafa Mughazy
Professor of Arabic
(269) 387-2933
Photo of Steve Newell
Advisor International Business Minor
(269) 387-6166
Photo of Natalio Ohanna
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3018
Doctoral Graduate Assistant
Photo of James Palmitessa
Associate Professor of History
(269) 387-4640
Photo of Pablo Pastrana-Pérez
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-2955
Photo of Alisa Perkins
Assistant Professor
(269) 387-4396
Photo of Carlos Pimentel
(269) 387-3005
Photo of Anna Popkova
Assistant Professor of Communication
(269) 387-3156
Photo of Susan Pozo
Professor of Economics
(269) 387-5553
Photo of Shaila Rao
Professor of Special Education and Literacy Studies
Photo of Diane Riggs
Faculty Specialist I Comparative Religion
(269) 387-0346
Photo of Cynthia Running-Johnson
Advisor of French
(269) 387-3021
Photo of Rika Saito
Associate Professor of Japanese
(269) 387-3020
Photo of Vivan Steemers
Associate Professor of French
(269) 387-3019
Photo of Ken Steuer
Global and International Studies Program Assistant
(269) 387-5642
Photo of Mercedes Tasende
Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3003
Photo of Mercedes Tubino-Blanco
Assistant Professor
(269) 387-3012
Photo of Ann Veeck
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-6140
Photo of Gregory Veeck
Professor of Geography
(269) 387-3420
Photo of Cynthia Visscher
Faculty Specialist, Religion and Health
(269) 387-4394
Photo of Maarten Vonhof
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Environmental and Sustainability Studies
(269) 387-5626
Photo of Xiaojun Wang
Professor of Chinese
(269) 387-6242
Photo of YK Wang
Associate Professor of Political Science
(269) 387-5680
Professor of English
(269) 387-2605
Photo of Kristina Wirtz
Professor of Anthropology
(269) 387-0408
Professor of History
(269) 387-4648
Photo of Li Yang
Associate Professor of Geography
(269) 387-3414
Photo of Huizhong Zhou
Professor of Economics
(269) 387-5550