WMU alumna, Ellen Knuth, talks about the transition from student to professional.

Are you interested in:

  • Making a difference in the world around you?
  • Meeting people from different cultures?
  • Learning a world language?
  • Studying abroad?
  • Building a professional career?

Global and international studies at Western Michigan University is an interdisciplinary major with versatility that affords entry into a wide variety of fields. We look forward to working with you!

Increasingly, employers are looking for international experience. If you're interested in gaining an edge, the global and international studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University may be the right major for you.

Global studies major stands next to program's interim director.

Keanen Hampton, global and international studies senior, and Professor Laura Hastings

Globalization is leading to greater interconnectedness through economics, technology, communication and society. No wonder it affects all of us. Regardless of where you live, or the subject that you choose to study, globalization will involve you, too.

Even if you choose to remain in the southwest Michigan region, you will be a part of international activities. The process of globalization is so vast that every academic discipline is involved and has a role to play.

Be sure you are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities unfolding before you in our fast-moving world. How? Focus your undergraduate study on global and international issues.

WMU instructor sits with Buddhist monk.

Dr. Kostrzewa visiting a monk in Tibet.