The Global Business Center at Western Michigan University assists faculty in globalizing business curriculum. Email Dr. Zahir Quraeshi for assistance. In addition, the following are two of the most comprehensive free international business resources available:

  • globalEDGE—globalEDGE offers the latest and most comprehensive international business and trade content for a wide range of topics. Whether conducting extensive market research, looking to improve your international knowledge, or simply browsing, you're sure to find what you need to sharpen your competitive edge in today's rapidly changing global marketplace. It's easy, convenient and free.
  • Everything International—Everything International is intended as an electronic library of resources for faculty, students and practitioners in the field of international business. The site provides links to a wide variety of international business, education and Internet research sites. This site is designed as a resource. It is assumed that people using this resource are on their way to another site, and for that reason, "bells and whistles" are kept to a minimum.

Additional resources

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources