Professional Development Workshops for International Students

Hosted by Western Michigan University's Global Business Center, the International Professional Development Workshop Series is designed for international students who want to strengthen their business acumen and apply it to their chosen professions. Workshops represent a number of specialized topics today's professionals need to master.

No workshops are scheduled at this time. If you have questions about future workshops, contact Dr. Zahir Quraeshi, director of WMU's global business center, at (269) 387-6093 or email Zahir Quraeshi.

Previous workshops

Data Analytics I: This workshop exposed participants to specific methods of data analysis with Microsoft Excel and included relative and absolute cell addressing; text parsing with text function; If statements; VLOOKUP statements; and integrated worksheet incorporating Excel web query, relative and absolute cell addressing, IF, VLOOKUP and charting; and pivot tables.

Leadership Assessment and Decision Making: This seminar helped participants understand their individual leadership behavior and examined various factors that directly and indirectly impact a leader’s capacity to make important decisions.

Financial Management Basics: This workshop promoted participant understanding of financial management basics and their applications in the contemporary workplace. It introduced students to the fundamentals of financial management by highlighting important topics such as financial statements, security issuance and risk-return relationships.

Leadership Development Skills: This seminar was designed to prepare you for future leadership roles. It introduced students to the basics of effective leadership while allowing them to define and refine personal leadership style through interactive group exercises.

Organizational Leadership: The session on organizational leadership was designed to promote participant understanding of leading organizational development and change. It also highlighted key competencies necessary for effective sustainability leadership and the dynamics of leading in globally diverse contexts.