Western Michigan University's Global Business Center organizes the broad range of initiatives and activities described below, which are designed to broaden international opportunities in the classroom and through study abroad trips. In addition, the center works to connect faculty with research and teaching opportunities throughout the world.

Faculty experts guide

The Global Business Center facilitates the organization of a database for finding international experts to help external groups identify faculty with:

  • Geographical and country expertise.
  • Functional expertise.
  • Topical expertise.
  • International research interests.

Student exchanges

The Global Business Center facilitates WMU students abroad and reciprocal arrangements by:

  • Working with WMU's Haenicke Institute for Global Education.
  • Helping to create an AISEC chapter for reciprocal internships.

Study abroad programs

WMU's Global Business Center contributes to semester-long study abroad programs by:

  • Reviewing information provided by the Haenicke Institute for Global Education on foreign accredited universities.
  • Identifying course equivalences with faculty assistance.

The center contributes to short-term programs by:

  • Helping to establish course requirements.
  • Disseminating experiences.
  • Prioritizing and scheduling.

Overseas MBA programs

The Global Business Center:

  • Identifies and assesses potential international MBA programs.
  • Reviews ongoing MBA programs.

Twinning programs

The Global Business Center:

  • Helps to identify and assess programs with Haworth College of Business undergraduate and graduate program directors as well as the Haenicke Institute for Global Education.
  • Helps to review info provided by the Haenicke Institute for Global Education on foreign accredited universities.

Faculty exchanges

The Global Business Center:

  • Hosts overseas faculty at the Haworth College of Business.
  • Identifies faculty opportunities for teaching overseas.

External grant-seeking initiatives

The Global Business Center:

  • Identifies available international grants with research and sponsored programs.
  • Seeks grants from such organizations as the U.S. Department of Education.

Global lecture series

The Global Business Center:

  • Identifies potential business, government and academic speakers.
  • Schedules during semesters.

International conferences at WMU

The Global Business Center helps with hosting business conferences such as the Facing East-Facing West by:

  • Providing suggestions to obtain business and grant support.

Recruiting and retention of international students

The Global Business Center assists in developing an international alumni database by:

  • Helping to identify student alumni ambassadors in various countries.
  • Helping to promote college programs through student word of mouth.
  • Gathering and disseminating international alumni news.
  • Assisting adviser to international student business association.


The Global Business Center offers workshops on infusing international components into business courses and offers assistance in:

  • Identifying and scheduling internal and external speakers.
  • Facilitating faculty participation in workshops to internationalize courses.
  • Seeking internal and external grants.

Faculty brown-bag sessions

The Global Business Center:

  • Disseminates faculty international research in collaboration with the college's faculty enhancement committee.
  • Shares teaching tips on topics of international interest.

Collaborative programs

The Global Business Center:

  • Works with the Haenicke Institute for Global Education and WMU’s international education council to develop initiatives.
  • Promotes cross-disciplinary research within the college and University.
  • Promotes research collaboration with faculty at international universities.
  • Identifies collaborative internationalization activities with regional universities.

Curriculum review

The Global Business Center:

  • Assists the international business education council to review international business concentrations at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Community outreach

The Global Business Center:

  • Publicizes the college's internationalization activities and invites participation and attendance at events such as conferences and lecture series.
  • Works with the business community to further internationalization activities that would be in the interests of business constituencies.