Educational, Ecological,
and Historical Benefits for Michigan

Michigan Heritage Water Trail signage would signify historic sites of interest. Museum and local community-oriented projects ideally would be placed along water trails and, undeveloped sections of waterways could be used to provide examples of Michigan's natural and geological history. In essence, recreation-based historical education on the rivers could generate greater interest in local history, tourism development and infrastructure, ecosystem protection, and provide information and educational opportunities that would:

  1. Show how Michigan's population and economy developed by water

  2. Appeal to birdwatchers and amateur historians

  3. Mesh well with agritourism efforts – farms on rivers and lakeshores may charge for parking and put-ins, operate shuttle services, rest stops, picnic areas, and campgrounds

  4. Showcase and highlight Michigan's significant ecological values and habitats

  5. Increase awareness of the fragility of Michigan's waterways through responsible use