Geoinformatics and Spatial Data Analysis

The Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University has developed a strong research emphasis in the areas of geoinformatics and spatial data analysis. Research in these fields is being enabled by the acquisition of a state-of-the-art remote sensing facility and the installation of a real-time receiving station.

Spatial analysis of watershed

Spatial analysis of watershed


Several ongoing projects address the potential influences of natural processes, global change and regional human activities on the water and carbon cycles and on ecosystems. Dr. Mohamed Sultan and his collaborators develop and apply an integrated systems approach to assess, monitor and model the recent and future impacts of changes in the landscape and land cover. Remote sensing and geographic information systems are being used to analyze and visualize spatial datasets to address a wide range of hydrologic and environmental problems.

Dr. David Barnes applies conventional oil field reservoir characterization methodology to determine geological carbon sequestration potential in the Michigan basin subsurface. His research leads to the integration of computer systems technologies and geographic information systems to subsurface stratigraphy, coastal change and water resources problems.

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