Hydrogeology Major

The hydrogeology major in the Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University will give you a strong background in math and the sciences, focusing on geology and hydrogeology. This major prepares you to enter both the job market and graduate programs as hydrogeologists.

The group science minor is recommended. Although the minor is 26 credit hours, 18 to 22 of those hours are taken as part of the hydrogeology major and are double-counted for the minor. Hence it only takes an additional four to eight hours to earn the minor.


The College of Arts and Sciences offers a two-tiered advising system for undergraduates. You will receive:

As a student with a major within the College of Arts and Sciences, you will need to meet regularly with both a departmental and college advisor to ensure you have met all requirements for graduation.


Catalog requirements and courses

Hydrogeology Field Course

The Hydrogeology Field Course is one of the very few hydro-technical programs in the United States. This course has been effective in qualifying individuals for entry-level careers as hydrogeologists.