• Dr. Julie Stein gives a seminar talk

    Dr. Julie Stein, an alumna, Executive Director of the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture and Professor of Anthropology at the University of Washington, gives a talk for the department's seminar series, which hosts over 25 speakers a year.

  • Dan Rogers, Director of Environmental Affairs at Amsted Industries, Inc., presents his research to a large crowd of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and industry members as part of the department's annual seminar series.

The Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University sponsors a Seminar Series, student proposal sessions and thesis and dissertation defenses. On this page, you will find details about department events like Advisory Council meetings, Seminar Series, thesis and dissertation proposals and defenses and other recurring and non-recurring events. Please see the information provided below for a list of dates, topics and descriptions. Check back frequently for updates!

Seminar Series

For over a decade, the Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University has hosted its annual Seminar Series. The Seminar Series takes place on a weekly basis and hosts a wide variety of visiting scientists who give presentations on a wide array of geological issues. Geosciences students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community are all welcome to attend these free events.

Note: More seminars are currently being planned. Check back frequently for updates!

Fall 2017 Seminar Series

All seminars take place on Monday afternoons from 4 to 5 p.m. in 1118 Rood Hall.

Sept. 25 | Pluto Explored! NASA's Epic Voyage to the Edge of the Solar System
William B. McKinnon, professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences, Washington University

Summer 2017 Student defenses

May 10 | Geophysical and Remote Sensing applications to better understand the Distribution and Deformation associated with Salt Domes along the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia
Hannah Pankratz, dissertation proposal defense, 11 a.m., 1192 Rood Hall

June 16 | Increasing the production and storage potential of Puttygut Oil and Gas Field using horizontal wells
Chris Roth, thesis defense, 11 a.m., 1192 Rood Hall

July 14 An Integrated Approach (Remote Sensing, Hydrogeology, Geotechnical, and Geoinformatics) to Assess and Monitor Fossil Aquifers and Associated Land Deformation over the Arabian Peninsula
Abdullah Ghurmullah Saeed Othman, dissertation defense, 10 a.m., 1192 Rood Hall

 Aug. 8 | The Influence of Road Salt on Seasonal Mixing and Redox Stratification in Three Southwest Michigan Kettle Lakes
Danielle Dupuis, thesis defense,  2:30 p.m., 1120 Rood Hall