Dispatches from the Field: Bryan Currie

Bryan Currie (M.S. 2016)

Bryan Currie's education at WMU involved a strong research relationship with the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education. As a result of the hands-on knowledge he gained there, coupled with his experience working directly with local industry, Currie secured a position as a Geologist at Devon Energy in Oklahoma City.

Q: What are your professional responsibilities?
A: I supply subsurface interpretations for different Cretaceous intervals in south Texas in order to better understand the economic potential for the Devon acreage.

Q: Briefly describe a typical day on the job (if there is such a thing!):
A: Most of my time is spent using Petra to display my subsurface interpretations. I also use Stoner Engineering Software to geosteer horizontal wells.

Q: What is the most unique aspect of this job?
A: Working for a larger company, I have had the opportunity to take different courses, use top-notch software and meet new people with years of experience. This formula has led to the continuation of my growth as a geologist following graduate school.

Q: What has been your biggest professional accomplishment at this job? Why?
A: Maintaining a position in the petroleum industry despite the downturn in gas and oil prices.

Q: What are your future plans? Where do you hope to be in five years?
A: I plan to continue to take advantage of all that Devon has to offer in order to make myself a well-rounded geologist and contribute to the growth of Devon as a company.

Q: Other comments?
A: The facilities that WMU has to offer greatly facilitated the position I am in. MGRRE not only provided hands-on experience but also encouraged networking with local industry. I would encourage current and future students to look into and take advantage of all that Western has to offer.