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Thinking about an internship? Many gender and women's studies students complete an internship while pursuing their degree at Western Michigan University. Besides the educational and professional opportunities that internships present, employers tell us that they like to see internship experiences on applicants' resumés.


  • Majors or minors in gender and women's studies are eligible to enroll in GWS 4400, a three-credit internship experience that counts toward their degree.


  • Cultivate professional competence that will aid students in securing employment after graduation.

  • Explore a career field while obtaining first-hand experience working in a job environment of interest.

  • Gain a deeper appreciation of concepts that we examine in the classroom.

  • Offer services, skills and fresh ideas to a work site or cause that is meaningful to you.

  • Receive mentoring from experienced professionals.


  • Download and review the 2015-16 Internship Guidelines.

  • Investigate potential internship sites, including those listed in the guidelines above and the internship page maintained by Career and Student Employment Services.

  • Meet with the chair of the Department of Gender and Women's Studies.

  • Meet with a prospective internship supervisor and obtain their signature for the agreement.

  • Sign up for internship credits through the Department of Gender and Women's Studies after obtaining department approval.


  • Complete 75 hours at the internship as required by gender and women's studies (internship supervisors may require additional time commitments).

  • Submit paperwork and assignments by the specified deadlines.

    • Agreement with supervisor's signature
    • Final evaluation by your supervisor
    • Final paper