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First-Year Seminar FAQs

What benefits will you receive as a FYS student?

What benefits have former FYS students said they received by taking the course?

Is a textbook required for the First-Year Seminar?

Yes, a textbook is required that is specifically designed for new and transfer students. The textbook addresses topics that are common to first-year students of a major university.

What is a co-curricular activity?

A co-curricular activity is an experience that takes learning outside of the classroom. Co-curricular activities vary from year to year. The activities and events will concentrate on such subjects as: community service, cultural diversity, health and wellness, athletics, campus involvement, or the arts.

This experience gives students the opportunity to form connections outside of the classroom and introduces students to various topics and messages critical to the start of their college careers.

What student qualifies for the First-Year Seminar?

The course is open to all new or transfer students.

NOTE: Students in the following departments/colleges will be participating in the seminar as part of their experience and will, therefore, have to register for the course.

How does the First-Year Seminar work and what is the content of the course?