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Reading placement

Your reading placement is based on a combination of ACT-Reading or SAT-Verbal scores and high school GPA. Placement will be at one of the following levels:

  1. Required to take LS 1040, Effective College Reading, in the fall semester.
  2. Required to either
    1. Attend a series of five free 1-hour reading skills seminars in the fall semester, and then take and pass the Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) test. A score of 60 correct out of 70 on the DRP test will exempt you from having to take the LS 1040 class, or
    2. Take LS 1040 in the Spring semester.
  3. Exempt from LS 1040.

In addition, you will have an opportunity to test out of LS 1040 during the week before classes start and the first week of classes.

Use the cross reference below to determine your placement.

ACT-Reading / SAT-Verbal Score

ACT 16 or less / SAT 370 or Less

HS GPA (3.30 and Above) - Exempt
HS GPA (3.00 - 3.29) - LS 1040 Spring
HS GPA (2.99 or less) -LS 1040 Fall

ACT 17-18 / SAT 371-440

HS GPA (3.00 and Above) - Exempt
HS GPA (2.50 - 2.99) - LS 1040 Spring
HS GPA (2.49 or less) - LS 1040 Fall

ACT 19 + / SAT 441 +

Exempt from LS 1040