College graduation is not as far away as you might think. Being a Seita scholar at WMU provides the security of knowing that you can live on campus year-round until it's time to walk the graduation stage, receive your diploma and move on to start your career. To successfully graduate from college and smoothly transition to a career, there are several things to accomplish. Below is a graduation checklist to follow during your undergraduate years at WMU.


  • Start a graduation-to-career savings account. You will need this money for start-up costs (e.g., apartment, utlilities, expenses between graduation and start of a job). Save a minimum of $1,000 by the end of your freshman year.
  • Sign up for a career mentor. Attend career events at WMU. In addition to your degree, you need tostart building your career network.
  • Sign up to volunteer with 1 or 2 events or organizations. Volunteer work looks great on a resume, and can provide you job references.


  • Add another $1,500 to your graduation-to-career savings account, so your account totals at least $2,500.
  • Look for a part-time job that is related to your major. Work experience related to your major is a resume booster.
  • Look for future internship possibilities in your major. Check out the GPA requirements and other criteria. Adjust your sophomore schedule to increase the odds of getting an internship in your junior year.
  • Volunteer with 1 or 2 organizations that are career related. Volunteering can involve ongoing and one-time events.


  • Time to add to the graduation-to-career savings account with at least another $1,000, so your account totals at least $3,500. Don't be tempted to spend this money on a car. If you want a car, start a separate car-savings account.
  • Keep up your part-time and volunteer work. Look for volunteer opportunities that require specific skills.
  • Explore a study-abroad opportunity before graduation. This will cost some money, so you'll have to budget carefully.
  • Visit Career and Student Employment Services to prepare a standard resume and cover letter.


  • Add another minimum $1,000 to your graduation-to-career savings account and you will graduate with at least $4,500 to help you with your transition to your career.
  • Keep your formal resume and cover letter up-to-date. Prepare business cards to hand out to people in your career network and potential employers.
  • Let your career network (e.g., career mentors, employers, volunteer organizations) know of your graduation date and that you are looking for work.
  • Dress for success. Begin routinely dressing in ways that will be expected in your career choice.
  • Plan your departure from WMU with your campus coach.

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