We are excited to announce the FYE 2100 Common Movie Experience…Zootopia

In FYE 2100, students learn the importance of diversity and inclusion as part of our culture at WMU! Understanding diversity, inclusion and breaking down stereotypes are some of the significant topics that we value at WMU.  The FYE 2100 understands the importance of introducing and further addressing these important issues in order to create a more inclusive campus culture. This year the FYE 2100 students will experience several common assignments based on the movie Zootopia!

The movie is also well-paced with near-perfect comedic timing, incorporating modern day jokes and gags with an ’80s-style sense of humor. While fun and exciting, “Zootopia” does not shy away from serious topics. It deals with issues of diversity and racism, presenting countless parallels between the fictional animal world it presents and our own human one.

 Zootopia’s society has embedded stereotypes and prejudices; the plot of the movie revolves around the fact that what society expects has an impact on how animals behave and view themselves. No matter how determined you are, the words of others do get to you.

“Zootopia” illustrates how people have internalized beliefs and ideas that they’re often not aware of. The movie provides a beautiful example of how we can sometimes hurt the people around us and those we care about without realizing it.

 “Zootopia” as a film ultimately celebrates the differences between animals, but the world within the movie struggles to reach that point. Young, idealistic Judy Hopps learns when she arrives in Zootopia that such deeply-rooted problems aren’t easy to solve.

Film Viewing Dates

Friday, Sept. 29     7:00-10:00 p.m.  Schneider Hall Auditorium, room 2000

Friday, Oct. 27       7:00-10:00 p.m.    Schneider Hall Auditorium, room 2000



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