First-Year Seminar Course Design

The First-Year Seminar offers first-year students the unique opportunity to work closely with a faculty facilitator, as well as an upper-level student facilitator. This co-facilitator team will offer two important perspectives, which will allow students the chance to learn what it takes to be a success.

Research shows that attention to small groups gives seminar students a greater opportunity to develop meaningful friendships with other seminar students who have related academic and social goals, so the First-Year Seminar is limited to 25 students per section. During the course of the semester students will actively engage in the WMU community, connect with resources both on and off campus and learn essential skills that will aid in their success through college and beyond.

Some of the First-Year Seminar major assignments are:

  1. Textbook assignments, which include college and career success topics
  2. A common read experience
  3. A research assignment
  4. Co-curricular assignments, including community service