Employment options

There are a variety of employment options available if you have a work-study award.

On-campus work-study employment

Working on campus at Western Michigan University is a great way to gain employment experience “at home.” Most on-campus positions are within walking-distance. Also, your work schedule may often be planned to fit conveniently within your class schedule and your daily classroom routes.

Read more about how you obtain a work-study award, and then how you find on-campus employment below. Then stay on course using these guidelines. You can also check out frequently accessed documents here.

Obtain a work-study award

  • Complete the FAFSA indicating interest in work-study. Monitor your progress using the financial aid checklist. pdf
  • Regularly check your WMU email account. That is where you will receive important communication about the status of your financial aid file and awards.
  • Review your Financial Aid Award Letter on GoWMU. Verify receipt of work-study award.
  • If you would like to receive work-study during Summer 1 or Summer 2 you must complete a separate application(s). The Summer 1 application will be available February 15, each year, and the Summer 2 application will be available April 1, each year. Find the applications here.

Find employment

  • For assistance, please logon to the University’s job search tool: Bronco Jobs. Many students find unique opportunities by talking with campus staff, instructors, and other students. For personal assistance with your job search, please contact Career & Student Employment Services, Room 1401 Ellsworth Hall, or call (269) 387-2725.
  • Notify your interviewer that you have a work-study award. In order to confirm the type and amount of your work-study award, your interviewer may ask for a copy of your award letter. You may always view and print your financial aid award letter using GoWMU.
  • Plan your work schedule with your supervisor. The number of hours you may work can be determined using the following calculator:

Convert your award to hours per week

Instructions: Enter the dollar amount of your award, enter your hourly pay rate, and press the "=" button. Do not add dollar signs or commas. Please note - this calculator assumes you are working all pay periods assigned to the term. You may be able to work more hours per week if your employment begins late.


Fall or Spring

$ Your award /  Hourly pay rate / 


  Hours per week

SU1 or SU2

$ Your award /  Hourly pay rate / 


  Hours per week


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