Employment options

There are a variety of employment options available if your have a work-study award.

Stay on course with these guidelines

While earning your work-study award you must maintain at least half-time enrollment as described in the following enrollment status table:

enrollment status

  • You must meet and maintain general financial aid eligibility criteria for work-study, including Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). If you lose eligibility for financial aid, including work-study, due to SAP, your award may be canceled. See the complete SAP policy online. Stay tuned to your WMU email account for updates about your financial aid status.
  • Changes to your work-study award will be reflected in your financial aid award letter. View it online, as frequently as you like, using GoWMU.
  • If you have not received a paycheck within four weeks of the start of the term, your work-study award may be canceled.
    • If you are approaching the four-week deadline and have not received a paycheck, contact financial aid if you are planning to become employed and wish to retain your award.
  • Follow the WMU Student Employment Guidelines.


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