TEACH grant application


Please note: due to the federal sequester, the TEACH maximum at this time has been reduced by 6 percent, from $4,000 to $3,760.



U.S. Citizens or eligible non-citizens admitted to TEACH-eligible programs may apply for a TEACH Grant by completing a FAFSA link and submitting the appropriate year's TEACH undergraduate or graduate application. Print the application and return it to Student Financial Aid or Bronco Express at the Bernhard Center. Student Financial Aid will determine your eligibility and approve your award. Please allow two weeks for processing.

Once awarded, you will receive a revised award notice via your WMU email. After you have been awarded the TEACH, you must also complete TEACH Entrance Counseling. You must also complete the Agreement to Serve (ATS).

TEACH Entrance Counseling

You must complete TEACH Grant entrance counseling after you have been awarded to certify you understand your teaching obligation and to apply for the program. The entrance counseling is available online at https://teach-ats.ed.gov/ats/studentHome.action . If you complete the entrance counseling requirement before you have been awarded the TEACH, WMU will NOT receive your information. Next, you must complete the Agreement to Serve (ATS).

Agreement to Serve (ATS)

Every year after you have been approved for a TEACH Grant, you must complete the U.S. Department of Education's online Agreement to Serve using your FSA ID. You cannot complete the ATS until you have been awarded a TEACH Grant by WMU. When you sign the service agreement, you are promising to meet the requirements of the TEACH Grant. If you do not meet those requirements, your TEACH grant will covert to a Direct Unsubsidized Loan with accrued interest from the date the grant funds were first disbursed. If the grant is converted to a loan, it cannot be converted back to a grant.

Other Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must provide proof from ACT/SAT/GRE/GMAT that you scored above the 75th percentile in at least one of the subject areas OR
  • Maintain a 3.25 GPA prior to each payment period OR
  • If a graduate student, document you are a current or former teacher or retiree with expertise in a high need field.

TEACH Exit Counseling

You must complete TEACH Grant exit counseling before you leave school. You may complete exit counseling online.off site link Exit counseling is required when you:

  • are no longer enrolled in a TEACH-eligible program (you change your major)
  • graduate
  • are no longer enrolled at least half-time.

The Department of Education also provides additional informationpdf about TEACH Grant exit counseling.


If you have additional questions about the TEACH grant program, please call (269) 387-6000 or email finaid-info@wmich.edu. The U.S. Department of Education also provides details about the Federal TEACH Grant program on their website.

Updated: 05/26/2015 9:55 AM

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