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Financial aid


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Information for community service sites

The community service site/employer is initially responsible for paying the student/employee for hours worked. Sites may only request reimbursement from WMU after the student has been compensated for hours worked. 

You must collect a time sheet for all hours worked during each pay period.  After the student has received payment for the pay period, the site should submit the Request for Community Service Payroll Reimbursement pdf. The request must be signed by the student, and certified by the student’s direct supervisor. After each pay period, fax signed request/s to: Work-study Coordinator, WMU, (269) 387-6075.

  • Only hours that have been compensated by the site are eligible for reimbursement. Future hours will not be reimbursed from work-study.

  • Each site is responsible for tracking the student’s earnings against the amount of their award. Once the award maximum is reached, additional earnings will not be reimbursed.

    • Maintain a record of gross wages paid to date and subtract them from the amount of the student’s work-study award.

    • For more information contact Work-study Coordinator, (269) 387-6752.

  • Unused awards will automatically carry forward to the next term IF:  

    • the term receiving the carry forward is within the same financial aid year (Summer 2 – Fall – Spring - Summer 1).

    • the term receiving the carry forward also includes a work-study award.

For more assistance contact the work-study Coordinator at (269) 387-6752.


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