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Guidelines for community service sites


Off-campus community service sites who compensate students using the community service work-study program must:

  • maintain a job description for each student in the program.

  • assign appropriate wage rate for community service positions.

  • collect time sheets for hours worked. Timesheets must be signed by the student and the student’s supervisor, certifying that:

    • hours worked were authorized and

    • the time reported accurately represents hours worked on tasks related to the employer’s normal course of business.

  • maintain a copy of timesheets used for calculating student wages.

  • make these records available for review upon request from WMU Student Financial Aid.

  • compensate the student(s) for hours worked at the community service site.

  • provide direct supervision for each student in the program

When you employ a student you must compensate them regularly for hours worked. It is not appropriate to permit a student’s hours to accumulate. Students who are paid using work-study must work to earn wages. Please do not use work-study to compensate students for hours of study, or other non-work-related activities. To do so would be a violation of federal, state and University guidelines.


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