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Scholarship FAQ

If your department deals with scholarships, this FAQ is for you. If you need additional information, please call Bronco Express, 269 387-6000, or email us, finaid-info@wmich.edu.

Q. Where do I find the fund code?

A. The fund code is listed on the chart that is sent to you by scholarships.

Q. I can't find the fund code. Now what?

A. Issue a Workflow "Request for Financial Aid Fund Code."

Q. How long does the Workflow process take?

A. The process usually takes a few days.

Q. Can I put revisions and changes on the same disbursement authorization form as the original?

A. Yes. Put the revision or change on the original form -- just highlight the change and make a note in the comment column.

Q. How do I save the disbursement authorization form?

A. The form may be saved in Adobe Reader. Click file, and choose "save as."

Q. I need multiple tabs for many scholarships. Is there another form to use?

A. Yes. Contact Connie in scholarships and she will send one to you.

Q. Where do I mail a private donor check?

A. WMU Financial Aid & Scholarships
1903 W. Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5337

Q. Why hasn't a private donor scholarship paid?

A. It's possible the student may not be full-time.

Q. What hasn't TSIE (private donor estimate) paid?

A. Because the amount is estimated. Once the actual check arrives, the award will be switched from estimated and will pay.

Q. Why is the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver (MITW) so low?

A. A generic estimated amount is used first, and it may be too low for a student who is registered for more than 12 credit hours. After drops and adds (census), we will adjust the award if necessary.

Q. Why was a private donor scholarship split between semesters?

A. Unless stated by the donor, all checks $500 and over are split. If a student would like the total amoundt for one semester, and the donor did not specficy the award should be split, we can apply it all to one semester. The student should call Bronco Express. Bronco Express will issue a trouble ticket and scholarships will adjust the award.

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Student Financial Aid
1903 W Michigan Ave
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5337 USA
269 387-6000 finaid-info@wmich.edu