The lender list -- a private lender survey

What students said about their alternative loan lenders

We invited 2,170 private loan holders to rate their alternative loan lenders. 431 of them responded. We collected data on the three lenders currently used most by WMU students (Sallie Mae, Citi and Wells Fargo) as well as an “other” category. Students in the “other” category could select Discover, Chase, PNC or type in a different lender name.

Overall, students rated Wells Fargo the highest with an overall average score of 15.85 out of 20. The second highest overall rating went to the “other” category, where students typed in a lender name. PNC was ranked third with an overall score of 15.04 out of 20. Sallie Mae received the lowest score, 12.97 overall.

View this chart to see how each lender was ranked on each question.

The chart below shows each lender's overall average score out of 20.

score chart

Choosing a private lender is a serious task. Explore all your options and read the fine print before making a decision. For a list of things to ask, use The Bottom Line, our private lender checklist. As always, apply for financial aid first. If you have questions, you may call Bronco Express, 269 387-6000.

Always apply for financial aid first.

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