October 1961 - Octobre noir ou Malek, Saïd, Karim et les autres...
By Florence Corre and Aurel
France, 2011, 12min
All films presented with English subtitles

USA premiere

On the 17th October 1961, in Paris, five young Algerians and three young Frenchmen were on their way to peacefully demonstrate against the curfew imposed by the Prefect of Police, Maurice Papon. This demonstration was an opportunity for the Algerians to show their need for dignity.
For Malek, the protagonist, it was a sign of hope for his generation in France. Saïd, Malek's mate used the occasion to express his frustration. The three French men demonstrated for a France which respected its republican molto. They all put themselves on the streets of Paris, confident of their human rights.



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