The Weight of the Oath - Le poids du serment
by Kollo Daniel Sanou
Burkina Faso, 2010, 87min
All films presented with English subtitles

Kollo Daniel Sanou will be present to introduce his movie and answer all of your questions as well as discuss the film.

Nyama and Sibiri are members of Dozo hunters fraternity. Because of his love for Sarah, Sibiri doesn’t hesitate to push his friend in a well while hunting. He will then announce Nyama’s death, telling that he has been killed by a lion. Months later, Nyama comes back to the village with an evangelist sect that welcomed him. Amnesiac, he will not recognize anyone and doesn’t remember anything at all.


The FFFK team has been honored to translate the French subtitles into English for this movie. We thank Kollo Daniel Sanou for his trust and Tim Buchanan, Marlon Boyd and Marjorie Zippert for their hard work! 

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