Fetzer Center

Room Set Up Options

Auditorium Setup


Auditorium (or theatre) style seating allows for the greatest number of people to fit comfortably into one room. It is designed for lectures and other forms of one-way communication, where a presentation can be given from the front of the room.

Classroom Setup


In classroom style seating, rectangular tables are arranged in horizontal rows so that participants are facing the front of the room. Classroom style is used when participants will need to write or refer to handouts during the meeting.

Conference Set Up


This closed-square or rectangular seating arrangement is used for meetings where participants are encouraged to interact, problem solve, and negotiate. Since every person is able to see each group member, a leader may or may not be necessary.

U-Shape Set Up


U-shaped, or open-square/rectangle seating, is used to combine a lecture or presentation format with group interaction. This seating structure is often combined with video conferencing.