SPSS Information

Supported Versions

Please note, only the last two versions of SPSS are supported. Please read the install instructions before attempting an install.

Fixes and patches

Fixes and hot patches are available from the GoWMU Software Download channel.

SPSS software authorization codes

  • SPSS authorization codes are downloaded from GoWMU and only available to faculty and staff. Authorization codes are entered at the end of the installation and are sent to SPSS. SPSS then returns a software license. In order for this process to succeed, your computer must be connected to the Internet.
  • Students may purchase the SPSS graduate package from IBM/SPSS or TotalTech or rent a copy from www.onthehub.com. Students may not install the site licensed version of SPSS on their personal computer for any reason.
  • Add-on modules have a limited number of licenses available and cannot be installed on multiple computers (e.g. work and home). After licensing an add-on module, the statistical procedures available for that module will be available from the SPSS Analyze menu.

SPSS add-on modules - Windows only

To obtain authorization codes for additional modules listed here, please email the SPSS Coordinator, julie.scott@wmich.edu. You MUST email the request using a valid WMU email address. These codes are for faculty research only and cannot be installed in computer labs.

  • Amos
  • SPSS Exact Tests
  • SPSS Missing Values
  • SPSS Regression Models
  • SPSS Custom Tables
  • SPSS Forecasting
  • SPSS Sample Power