SPSS Information

Supported Versions

Please note, only the last two versions of SPSS are supported.

Faculty and staff obtain SPSS from their college technology office. The university site license allows installs on university owned computers. Faculty can also install SPSS on a home computer.

Students may purchase the SPSS graduate package from IBM/SPSS or rent a copy from www.onthehub.com. The graduate package sold by IBM/SPSS expires after a year. To re-license, IBM requires students to re-purchase the software.

SPSS software authorization codes

  • Current versions of SPSS  must be renewed every year. Older versions of SPSS will eventually expire. The license authorization codes for supported versions are posted the Software Downloads channel in GoWMU.
  • SPSS authorization codes are downloaded from GoWMU and only available to faculty and staff. Authorization codes are entered at the end of the installation and are sent to SPSS. SPSS then returns a software license. In order for this process to succeed, your computer must be connected to the Internet.  Renewal codes are entered using the SPSS License Authorization Wizard. This is normally found in the IBM SPSS folder from the Start Menu in Windows 7, in the full list of applications in Windows 8, and in the IBM SPSS App folder on a Macintosh.
  • AMOS is available for faculty research, There are a limited number of licenses available and cannot be installed on multiple computers (e.g. work and home).