The student response system in use at WMU is i>clicker. Instructors ask a question and students respond by pressing a button on their clicker remotes. Responses are transmitted to the base station where they are recorded and displayed.

To utilize the clicker system:

  1. Instructors should bring their laptop to the Faculty Technology Center and request a base station and instructor's remote.
  2. i>clicker and i>grader software will be installed on the laptop and the remote will be registered.
  3. Instructors will set up their classes in the system using i>clicker software.
  4. i>grader software will be used to record and synchronize points to student participants in the class roster.

A new Elearning integration tool was introduced in fall, 2012. This tool allows instructors to directly download class rosters and upload session data. To add this tool to existing clicker systems:

  1. Download the appropriate zip archive to your computer:
  2. Open and unzip the archive.
  3. Select all folders and files and move them to your i>clicker folder (this folder also contains the Classes folder).
  4. Students can register their clicker remotes by opening a course in Elearning, clicking the Resources drop down arrow and selecting Register your i>clicker.