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Faculty Senate

Committee on Extended University Programs


This committee is now a council. Go to the Extended University Programs Council page for new information.


The Committee on EUP is established as a standing committee of the Faculty Senate to serve as the advising group to the Faculty Senate and the Associate Provost for EUP on all aspects of EUP and online education embodied within the governing documents of the WMU Faculty Senate.



Dennis Simpson will serve as the Senate Executive Board representative on this committee.

The Faculty Senate Executive Board charges Committee on EUP to consider, as a committee of the whole or through the appropriate sub-committee or task force, the following issues:

  1. Review internal curriculum processes and procedures to ensure the university is efficient and effective in responding to external opportunities in relation to EUP.
  2. Identify avenues for faculty recognition relative to innovative teaching and the scholarship of outreach & engagement.
  3. Review the EUP Strategic Plan, metrics and outcomes to provide regular input and advisement.
  4. Formulate a process for gathering ideas, concerns and interests of the faculty at the department and college level to be discussed and reviewed.
  5. Draft University Elearning checklists and continuously review University Elearning standards.
  6. Identify training needs and/or concerns and opportunities for faculty regarding online education and instructional technology.
  7. Develop recommendations for access and support services provided by EUP.
  8. Determine and recommend if the Committee on EUP should remain as a standing committee or move to become council of the Senate.


The Committee on EUP is expected to keep the Senate Executive Board apprised of progress, especially in connection with any MOA it may develop and to give advance notice of any action it seeks to place on the Senate agenda, including the final text of any proposed MOA, report or resolution. The Executive Board should also be notified of substantive procedural issues addressed by the committee. A written summary of the committee’s progress on the above charges and any other activities undertaken is due no later than June 30, 2013.



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