Collaborative Faculty Mentoring Teams


2016 Graduate Student Teaching Institute Mentors

The Office of Faculty Development tries to connect faculty by creating mentor groups featuring post-tenured mentors and pre-tenured mentees that meet several times through the semester.

 What is the Faculty Mentoring Program? 

Sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development, the faculty mentoring program provides junior faculty with quality guidance in building long and productive careers at the Western Michigan University.Our goal is for the Office of Faculty Development to help pair junior faculty with senior colleagues who have achieved tenure in the same college but who reside in a different department than their mentoring partner. Each pair works together to help the junior member set priorities, develop a network of advisors, increase visibility in the Western and professional communities, understand Western’s institutional culture, and assist with facilitating the tenure process.

This is a structured mentoring program: members of each pair are expected to commit to regular meetings and formulate goals in different areas of importance for the junior faculty member. Even with an overall structure in place, the program affords flexibility in choosing how to spend their time and energy to enhance the junior members' career. Pairs meet throughout the academic year and work toward goals they develop together. Program participants also meet as group periodically for training and informal gatherings focused on career development. Every success recorded by a mentoring program participant, every step toward tenure and promotion, is part of building a better future for all faculty at Western.

How Do I Become Involved?

If you are interested in participating in our mentoring program as a mentor fill out the  tenure track faculty application. If you are interested in participating as a mentee fill out the  tenured faculty application. Please submit by Wednesday, July 27, 2017 at 5 p.m. You can also contact the Office of Faculty Development at