Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Large Class Strategies


This University of Western Ontario website, which is dedicated to techniques for Teaching Large Classes, includes Power Point and presentation tips and an "Ask the Expert" feature.

The Teaching and Learning Center at UNC Charlotte hosts the website The Survival Handbook for Teaching Large Classes. It contains a treasure trove of information and covers a wide variety of topics in easy-to-read, bulleted format.

University of Maryland's Center for Teaching Excellence website has a clearinghouse for resources on Teaching Large Classes.

The Kansas University Writing Center's Using Writing for Large Classes page is a great resource for faculty and students alike.

This site contains over 25 techniques for Learning Students' Names.

The Truth is, You Gave a Lousy Talk - This article from the Chronicle of Higher Education is a good checklist to run through prior to giving a lecture or presentation.

Clicking with Large Classes - This is a fascinating interview with Karen Kelsky, an anthropology professor who has utilized some unconventional teaching practices with her larger classes.





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