Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Clickers in the Classroom


i>Clicker Software is the software adopted across WMU for use in the classrooms.

Clicker Best Practices and Tips provide you with information from a variety of sources, including

  • Top Ten Tips - a resource from the inventors of the iClicker. Dr. Mats Selen and Dr. Timothy Stelzer are Physics professors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and came up with a few tidbits for effective implementation of the iClicker into your courses.
  • The Clicker Resource Guide from UC-Boulder is an in-depth guide to the use of clickers that covers an array of topics including types of clicker questions, recommended approaches to using clickers, and how to write clicker questions.
  • Tips for Successful Clicker Use is a resource sheet from the University of Colorado Boulder on the factors that lead to the success of clickers in the classroom and even a few that lead to failure of clickers in the classroom.

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