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Faculty Development

Academic Leadership Academy


Applications for the 2014—2015 Academy are due by Thursday, May 1st. Please send the application, a letter of interest, a resume or CV, and a letter of support from your direct supervisor or department chair to the Office of Faculty Development at Mail Stop 5268 or by email to faculty-development@wmich.edu.

The strength of any organization can be measured by the capacity of its members to be leaders at many levels. WMU is pleased to offer faculty and university professional staff the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the Academic Leadership Academy.

Participants in the Academic Leadership Academy will be able to:

  1. Better lead groups or organizations at WMU or elsewhere
  2. Better participate as part of teams in which they are not the leaders
  3. Better understand the cultural context of WMU and other institutions
  4. Identify and prioritize challenges and leadership opportunities in realms such as academic, research, economic development, and social justice
  5. Understand leadership literature and translate that literature into practical application

The academy is a year-long learning community in which the participants and facilitators meet weekly to engage with invited speakers, work through literature on leadership together, discuss specific situations in which leadership skills are used, and develop, implement, and troubleshoot leadership projects. Participants meet weekly on Thursdays, 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. The academy is designed for faculty and university professional staff at or above the assistant or associate director level.

Participants benefit greatly from both the program and the wisdom of the facilitators and invited speakers. See their feedback below:

“Participating in the Academic Leadership Academy has allowed me to make connections with those on campus that I never would have connected with before. This group has also challenged me with regards to thinking about my leadership style, how I can grow as a leader, and also how to handle difficult situations both professionally and personally. This has been an invaluable experience for me.”

“The Academic Leadership Academy provided a great opportunity to take some time to look at our university and my role at this university, how we communicate and get things done. I enjoyed our group discussions and getting to know people from different parts of the university.”

"The Academic Leadership Academy offers a valuable opportunity to step away from day-to-day responsibilities and thoughtfully consider our individual and collective leadership roles within the University. During our time together each week, we engage in meaningful discussion on relevant topics, develop and implement new initiatives in areas of personal interest, and explore ways to best contribute our talents to benefit our campus community. Definitely a highly recommended professional development experience."

Selected Topics and Readings from 2011-2012 Academy



Kick-Off Luncheon
Self Assessment Introduction

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership & Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership – The Leadership Challenge
James Kouzes & Barry Posner

Guest: Mark Rainey, Ph.D.

Conceptualizing Leadership

Lenny, Lefty, and Chancellor Slaughter – Portraits in Leadership: Six Extraordinary University Presidents
Arthur Padilla

Leadership Ethics – Leadership: Theory and Practice
Peter Northouse

Addressing Ethics in Leadership – An Introduction to Leadership Concepts and Practice
Peter Northouse

Leadership Styles

Recognizing your Philosophy of Leadership – An Introduction to Leadership Concepts and Practice
Peter Northouse

The Context of Academic Leadership: University History & Structure

Evolution of University Organization
E.D. Duryea

Shared Governance and External Constraints
Robert O. Berdahl

Systems Thinking & Strategic Planning

An Integrated Approach for Conducting a Behavioral Systems Analysis – Journal of Organizational Behavior Management
Lori Diener, Heather McGee, & Caio Miguel

Systems Thinking (and Systems Doing) – Performance Improvement Quarterly
Dale M. Brethower & Peter Cornelius Dams

Guest: Peter-Cornelius Dams, Ph.D.

Self-Assessment Interpretation & Reflection


Guest: Mark Rainey, Ph.D.

Targeted Leadership Development Plan Overview
Leadership Projects Q&A


Organizational Culture & the Culture at WMU


Defining Organizational Culture & Uncovering the Levels of Culture – Organizational Culture & Leadership
Edgar H. Schein


University Financing –External and Internal

Frank A. Schmidtlein

Pulling the Pieces Together – Leadership and Context



2013-2014 Academic Leadership Academy Participants

Christie A. Gates - Center for English Language & Culture for International Students (CELCIS)

Edward Eckel - University Libraries

Charles Henderson - Physics

Sarah Hurd - Student Activities and Leadership Programs

Jason Jach - Office of Institutional Research

Adam Newsted - Office of Information Technology

Roshona Porter - Residence Life Office

David Rudge - Biological Sciences

Gwen Tarbox - English

2012-2013 Academic Leadership Academy Participants and Projects

2010-2011 Academic Leadership Academy Participants and Projects

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For more information about the Academy contact Andrea L. Beach, Director of Faculty Development at 387-0732 or andrea.beach@wmich.edu.


Are You Interested...

For more information about the Academic Leadership Academy contact Jan Gabel-Goes

Applications for the 2014-2015 Academic Leadership Academy are due on May 1st.


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