Science Education (MA)

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The M.A. in Science Education offered at the Mallinson Institute for Science Education at Western Michigan University is designed for secondary teachers and elementary school teachers with a strong interest in science, or for students beginning work toward a Ph.D. in science education. There are many reasons to choose WMU's online program to continue your education:

Focus on science

The M.A. in Science Education at Western Michigan University focuses on science content while also enhancing your teaching skills. The curriculum includes a core of education classes but allows for electives in education OR in the science that excites you. WMU's program is nationally known as one of the five best programs in the country.

Schedule around your life

100% online. Learn at home. Learn when you want to. Earn elective credits at local colleges or from other online institutions. The program is only 30 credit hours so you can finish fast.

Good for your career

Secondary science teachers with their M.A. earn 21 percent more than those without. Move up the ladder while you fulfill your state's continuing education guidelines.

Recognized leader in education

Western Michigan University is regularly recognized as a high-quality university for undergraduate and graduate-level education.