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Binda Dyslexia Center moves to WMU-Battle Creek after the closure of Miller College
Sept 28, 2016
Binda Dyslexia Center moves to WMU-Battle Creek after the closure of Miller College

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Sept. 27, 2016—WMU-Battle Creek’s Kendall Center has become the new home for the Binda Dyslexia Center, formerly housed at the now closed Miller College.

The BDC provides one-on-one support to elementary, middle and high school students who are struggling in the areas of reading, spelling, and writing, to help them succeed academically in a typical instructional environment. The center also aims to increase community awareness about dyslexia.

“We are thankful for the space WMU-Battle Creek has provided us to continue to support our students and their families.” said Judy VanZanten, BDC director. “The space allows us to remain close to Battle Creek schools and provide on-site training to our tutors.”

WMU partnered with BDC to relocate to the Kendall center after the closure of Miller College in June, 2016. As part of collaborative efforts between WMU’s Battle Creek regional location and the BDC, WMU officials agreed to provide the organization with the necessary space to continue operating in the Battle Creek Community.

The BDC helps more than 45 students throughout the year with one-on-one tutoring sessions. VanZanten also conducts workshops on dyslexia and related topics for area educators and tutors. Each month, there are opportunities for tutors to attend meetings to discuss issues they may have with tutoring and to review new information to help them have even more impact with their students.

“As a member of the Battle Creek community, we recognized the Binda Dyslexia Center was being displaced because of the Miller College closure,” said Luann Harden, WMU-Battle Creek regional director. “The BDC helps many students in the Battle Creek community excel in the classroom. WMU is proud to support their efforts and allow them the opportunity to continue their work in the community.”