Science Education

Master of Arts (MA)


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Program details

Credits required: 30

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Industry highlights

  • Teachers with a master's degree earn 21 percent more than those without.Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Employment for high school teachers is expected to grow by 7 percent and elementary school teachers by 17 percent through 2020.Bureau of Labor Statistics

Science teachers need a different kind of advanced degree

It's always been a competitive environment out there for teachers. The recent economic and political climate hasn't made it any less so. Now, more than ever, teachers need advanced degrees to be successful educators.

Western Michigan University's College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to offer a different kind of advanced degree for  teachers. First, it's focused on science content. Second, you will choose elective courses, allowing you to design a program that interests you from beginning to end. Third, you can earn this degree totally online, in-person on our main campus, or a combination of both.

Why Science Education at Western Michigan University

Professors can make or break an online class and we've got some great ones. The Mallinson Institute for Science Education at WMU is one of the most respected science education institutes in the country. They have been ranked third in faculty productivity by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

M.A. programs at other institutions have capstone projects or require you to take a class or two at their main campus, far away from your home. WMU's program is 100 percent online and requires no visits to Kalamazoo.

Core requirements

One of the things that differentiates this WMU degree from other institutions' science education degrees is that it allows you to focus on science. The requirements for the program include a core of science education courses, but you will also be able to choose elective courses that excite you.

Who should apply

This program was designed with high school and elementary teachers with a strong interest in science in mind. If you want to expand your science knowledge and enhance your teaching skills, this is the master's degree for you.

Employer tuition reimbursement

If your employer has a tuition reimbursement program, find out about WMU’s deferment program for employer paid tuition.

"Best bang for the buck"

Washington Monthly placed WMU on a list of national universities that offer "the best bang for the buck." WMU came in at No. 50 based on the economic value students receive per dollar.