P. Cristian Gugiu

*Dr. P. Cristian Gugiu (Associate Faculty)

Research interests:

Evaluation theory, research methodology, measurement theory, statistics.

Leslie Cooksey

*Dr. Leslie Cooksey (Associate Faculty)

Research interests:

Evaluation theory and meta-evaluation.

Michael Patton

*Dr. Michael Patton (Associate Faculty)

Research interests:

Utilization-focused evaluation, qualitative methods, and developmental evaluation.

Stephen Magura

Dr. Stephen Magura

Research interests:

Public health, medical sociology, drug and alcohol abuse, and health services research.

Larry Mailak

Dr. Larry Mallak

Research interests:

Change in engineering, technical, and healthcare organizations, organizational management and culture assessment and change.

Matthew Mingus

Dr. Matthew Mingus

Research interests:

Foundations of public administration, organization theory and behavior, network theory, and nonprofit organizations.

Jennifer Palthe

Dr. Jennifer Palthe

Research interests:

Managing change in transnational corporations, cross-cultural diversity management, and global human resource management.

Sue Poppink

Dr. Sue Poppink

Research interests:

Relationships between educational policy and administrator and teacher practices and curriculum standards.

Victoria Ross

Dr. Victoria Ross

Research interests:

Health policy analysis, management, cross-cultural health, medical sociology, criminology, sociology of law enforcement, and military sociology.

James Sanders

Dr. James Sanders

Research interests:

Integration of evaluation thinking and behavior into organizations and countries where evaluation is not now practiced.