Lindsay Noakes


Dr. Lindsay Noakes: Spring 2014

Placement: Coordinator of Assessment and Evaluation, Kalamazoo Public Schools

Jan Fields


Dr. Jan Fields: Spring 2014


Carl Westine


Dr. Carl Westine: Spring 2014


Kurt Wilson


Dr. Kurt Wilson: Fall 2013

Placement: President of Effect X

Brandy Brown


Dr. Brandy Brown: Fall 2013

Placement: Consultant, Energy Market Innovations, Inc.

Mohammed Alyami


Dr. Mohammed Alyami: Summer 2013

Placement: Tatweer For Educational Services, Evaluation Expert, Saudi Arabia

Scriven number: 2

Michele Tarsilla

Dr. Michele Tarsilla: Fall 2012

Placement: Independent Consultant

Fayez Shafloot

Dr. Fayez Shafloot: Fall 2012

Placement: Director of the Evaluation and Standards Center, Saudi Arabia

Ezechukwu Awgu


Dr. Ezechukwu Awgu: Summer 2012

Placement: Manager of Quantitative Data Analysis, Collection, Management, and Reporting at Grantfundamentals LLC

Thomaz Chianca


Dr. Thmoaz Chianca: Fall 2007

Placement: Senior Partner at COMEA Communication and Evaluation Ltd. and Research Methods Instructor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil