Krystin Martens, M.A.

Krystin Martens Krystin S. Martens, M.A.
Project Manager
Phone: 269-387-5918

Stephanie Means, M.A.

Stephanie Means, M.A.
Project Manager
Phone: 269-387-5914

Emma Perk, B.A.

Emma Perk Emma Perk, B.A.
Assistant to the Director
Phone: 269-387-5920

Jason Burkhardt, M.A.

Jason Burkhardt, M.A.
Project Manager
Phone: 269-387-5913

Kelly Robertson, M.A.

Kelly N. Robertson, M.A.
Senior Research Associate
Phone: (001) 269-387-5919

Curriculum Vita

Research and Evaluation Interests
  • Anti-racist program evaluation
  • Capacity development
  • Community collaboration
  • Communities of practice
  • Cost analysis
  • Critical theory evaluation
  • Criminal justice program evaluation
  • Culturally responsive evaluation
  • Domestic and sexual violence program evaluation
  • Equity and equality responsive evaluation
  • Feminist evaluation
  • Gender responsive evaluation
  • Impact of race construct on research and evaluation
  • International development evaluation
  • Nonprofit/Nongovernmental organization evaluation

Kelly N. Robertson, M.A.

Kelly N. Robertson, M.A.
Senior Research Associate
Phone: 269-387-5919

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Arlen R. Gullickson, Ph.D.

Arlen R. Gullickson, Ph.D.
Emeritus Researcher
(Professor Emeritus)
Phone: 269-387-3771