Arlen R. Gullickson, Ph.D.

Arlen R. Gullickson, Ph.D.
Emeritus Researcher
(Professor Emeritus)
Phone: 269-387-3771

Benchmarking Student Evaluation Practices

An invitational conference was held in February 2009 to examine and improve current student evaluation practices through the use of conference and follow-up activities to increase awareness and knowledge of The Student Evaluation Standards, promote research on student evaluation practices, develop and disseminate a model and tools for benchmarking student evaluation practices, and provide a structure to serve long-term studies of the student evaluation standards and their impact.  A diverse group of educators were engaged in applying the information and benchmarking tools to improve teachers’ student evaluation practices in local school settings.  Invited speakers included Dr. Judy Arter, Educational Testing Service, a nationally recognized expert in performance assessment; Dr. Katharine Cummings, WMU College of Education, who is working with a project to engage practicing teachers and teacher education candidates in a process of benchmarking; Dr.  Joan Herman, CRESST, whose research recently has focused on the validity and utility of teachers’ formative assessment practices in science; Mr. Benjamin Sinwell, a National Board-certified mathematics teacher in Montgomery County, Maryland; and Dr. Caroline Wylie, ETS, whose current research centers around the use of formative assessment as a mechanism for improving teaching and learning in classrooms.