The Western Years

Carl Candoli

Carl Candoli has been a friend to The Evaluation Center ever since the 1960s when he and
Dan Stufflebeam were both professors at Ohio State. After Dr. Candoli left Ohio State
to engage in a succession of superintendencies, he continued to collaborate with the Center,
often in helping develop evaluation in the districts he headed. Since he retired from the
superintendency, he has been a frequent consultant to the Center and has contributed
substantially to a number of the Center’s projects and major publications. Dr. Candoli
is a master of the politics of educational administration and knows better than most how
to use evaluation in the process of administering schools.
Vincent Greaney

Vincent Greaney came to The Evaluation Center as a Fulbright Scholar from Ireland’s
prestigious Educational Research Centre. He brought an international perspective that
enriched intellectual exchange at the Center. Dr. Greaney assisted with the conduct of
the Joint Committee’s program evaluation standards project and drafted a set of principles
and bylaws to serve as a foundation for the Committee’s incorporation. Dr. Greaney is a
senior education specialist at The World Bank and continues to be a strong and supportive
colleague of The Center.
Arlen Gullickson

Arlen Gullickson did postdoctoral work under Wayne Welch at the University of Minnesota.
Dr. Welch spoke highly of him to Dan Stufflebeam, who subsequently recruited him to join
the Center as chief of staff. Dr. Gullickson has helped raise the Center to a new level,
especially in its ability to deal effectively with school districts. He has been an
important national figure in starting and serving as the first president of CREATE.
He has published high quality materials, which are having an impact throughout the country,
and established the Center’s presence on the World Wide Web.
Jerry Horn

Shortly after Arlen Gullickson arrived at the Center, he advised Dan Stufflebeam to recruit
Jerry Horn. They succeeded in doing so and since that time Dr. Horn has become a well-known
representative of the Center throughout Michigan, Ohio, and other places. He is a master
planner and administrator of projects and a creative and capable methodologist. His
contributions include work in a variety of areas, such as community development, teacher
education, environmental education, personnel evaluation systems, and charter schools.
He has developed the best relationship the Center has ever had with Michigan’s Department
of Education.
Richard Jaeger

Richard Jaeger has contributed substantially to the work of the Center through his involvement in a number of projects, including a project to help the U.S. Marine Corps assess and develop a new personnel evaluation system, a project to evaluate the National Assessment Governing Board’s attempt to set achievement levels on the National Assessment of educational Progress, and a project to develop a report card for school evaluation. Among his many honors is the Award for Career Contributions to Educational Measurement from the National Council on Measurement in Education. Dr. Jaeger was NationsBank Professor of Educational Research Methodology and recently retired as director of the Center for Educational Research and Evaluation at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is one of the giants in the field of educational and psychological measurement.
Conrad Katzenmeyer

Conrad Katzenmeyer’s relationship with the Center began when he was head of Research and Sponsored Programs for Western Michigan University. After leaving WMU, he continued to assist and support the Center by helping the Center obtain a number of grants and contracts from federal sources. He has been an invaluable project officer for several of the Center’s projects, including the Sanders and Stufflebeam study of the effects of
the 1977 energy crisis on the functioning of Columbus Public Schools, the Standards project, and the CREATE project. Dr. Katzenmeyer has been a champion of the CIPP model and has helped people understand how to apply it.
George Madaus

George Madaus served on the first national Joint Committee on Standards for Educational
Evaluation. He collaborated with Michael Scriven and Dan Stufflebeam on the Evaluation Models
book. With Dr. Stufflebeam, he coedits the Kluwer Academic Publishers’ series of books
on evaluation in education, health, and human services. Dr. Madaus is a valued colleague
with deep knowledge in the area of educational measurement and its relationship to evaluation.
Jason Millman

Jason “Jay” Millman and Dan Stufflebeam had adjoining seats at a 1965 postdoctoral
summer institute on statistics and experimental design at the University of Wisconsin
and became friends and colleagues. Dr. Millman participated substantially in a number
of The Evaluation Center’s projects and served on the CREATE National Advisory Panel.
He masterfully led the development of a CD-ROM containing many of CREATE’s contributions.
Dr. Millman also ably assisted the Center’s superintendent evaluation project, which
culminated in the book, Superintendent Evaluation.
David Nevo

David Nevo came from Israel to study at Ohio State University. He was an outstanding student and an avid learner of evaluation. He followed The Evaluation Center when it moved to Western Michigan University, where he finished his OSU Ph.D. He was an active participant in the CREATE projects of the WMU Evaluation Center. Dr. Nevo is chair of the
research department at Tel Aviv University. He has many distinguished publications to his credit and is editor of the international journal Studies in Educational Evaluation.
Jeri Nowakowski

Jeri (Ridings) Nowakowski was a doctoral student in educational leadership at Western Michigan University. She worked as a research associate at The Evaluation Center, assisting with the early work of the national Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation. She subsequently took a faculty position at Northern Illinois University and from that position was recruited to be the director of the North Central Regional Educational
Laboratory, where she was an outstanding leader. She has since been named Senior Vice President of Curriculum Development and Evaluation at Voyager Expanded Learning.
Robert Rodosky

As a staff member of the Columbus Public Schools, Robert Rodosky greatly assisted James Sanders and Dan Stufflebeam when they evaluated the impact of the 1977 energy crisis on the Columbus school district for the National Science Foundation. Subsequently, Dr. Stufflebeam recruited Dr. Rodosky to serve as the Center’s assistant director for administration. He served with distinction, helping the Center grow and organize and conducting some important evaluation service projects for Michigan. Dr. Rodosky is the
Executive Director of Accountability in Research and Planning for the Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky.
James Sanders

James Sanders was an evaluator for the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory when
Dan Stufflebeam recruited him to come to the Center in 1975 to assist in its development.
He became associate director and followed Dr. Stufflebeam as chair of the national Joint
Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation. Dr. Sanders has been extremely effective
in working with foundations and community-based organizations. With Blaine Worthen, he
continues to publish one of the best-selling textbooks in the field of evaluation.
Michael Scriven

Michael Scriven began as a critic of the Center. He strongly criticized the original
version of the CIPP model, saying that it focused too much on future decision making
and not enough on accountability. AERA found the Scriven-Stufflebeam exchanges interesting
and put them on the road with a traveling debate in the early 1970s. Through that
experience they found that they agreed more than they disagreed and that their different
approaches reflected their very different experiences. Dr. Scriven has been a positive
force for The Evaluation Center.
Anthony Shinkfield

Anthony Shinkfield was a brilliant student in educational leadership at Western
Michigan University in the late 1970s. As a research associate in The Evaluation
Center, he was extremely helpful in developing the first Standards book, synthesizing
the writing of multiple authors. Dr. Shinkfield has maintained a strong relationship
with the Center, serving on the CREATE National Advisory Panel, serving as keynote speaker
at a national conference, and coauthoring a number of books and other publications with Dan
Stufflebeam. He exemplified the use of evaluation in administration when for 14 years he
served as headmaster of the prestigious St. Peter’s College in Adelaide, Australia.
Sally Veeder

Upon establishing the Center at Western Michigan University, Dan Stufflebeam recruited
Sally Veeder to work with him in the development of the Center and in the definition and
maintenance of high standards for Center products. She took on an increasing amount of
authority and responsibility, and Dr. Stufflebeam appointed her assistant director.
Ms. Veeder received the University’s prestigious Staff Service Award for outstanding
support service in 1997. She personally reviews all of the Center’s outgoing products
to ensure they meet her high standards of product quality.
Wayne Welch

Wayne Welch has been a friend of The Evaluation Center for a long time. He has served as advisor and consultant to many of the Center’s projects, including the development of the evaluation standards, the teacher certification evaluation shell, and the evaluation of the Metaevaluation-Training-Support (MTS) project. He assisted the Center in recruiting Arlen Gullickson and has been a supporter and mentor to Dr. Gullickson in his various projects. Dr. Welch has been an active evaluator, conducting more than 60 studies, particularly in the science education and philanthropic foundation areas. He is a Professor Emeritus at the
University of Minnesota.
William Wiersma

William Wiersma was at the University of Toledo when Dan Stufflebeam was at Ohio State.
They became colleagues, and when Dr. Wiersma retired, Dr. Stufflebeam engaged him to be
an adjunct staff member of The Evaluation Center at WMU. He has done an outstanding job
in several capacities, especially as the external evaluator for the Appalachia Regional
Educational Laboratory. He excels at applying professional standards to the judgment of
evaluations done by that Lab and other groups as well. Dr. Wiersma is a valuable and
influential member of the Evaluation Center’s team.
Lori Wingate

Lori Wingate joined The Evaluation Center in 1997. She brought substantial training and experience in the areas of sociology and personnel evaluation. She devoted her talents to helping the Center with many of its responsibilities. These especially included program
evaluation work, editing and writing, assisting with the design of a university wide interdisciplinary doctoral program in evaluation, and rejuvenating the Center’s Sack Lunch Seminar series. Also, she excelled in conducting the milestone project to establish The Evaluation Center’s Wall of Honor.

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