Racial Equity Lens for Culturally Sensitive Evaluation Practices


Mr. Willard Walker-Senior Policy Consultant, Public Policy Associates; Dr. Paul Elam, Project Manager, Public Policy Associates; and Dr. Christopher Dunbar, Professor, MSU
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Location: 4410 Ellsworth Hall
Time: Noon – 1pm

We believe that this work will play a critical role in efforts to identify particular aspects of diversity, inclusion, and equity, and their relevance to an evaluation process.  We have intentionally embedded these concepts to emphasize the importance of racial and cultural proficiency throughout analysis and evaluation processes.  In this way, a researcher is moved away from simply assessing outcomes to recognizing the historical events that play a part in maintaining the adverse conditions that exist in underserved communities.  We do our work through a lens that acknowledges white privilege and structural racism as fundamental forces in understanding how conditions came to be as they are today.

Summary of Evaluation Through a Culturally Responsive and Racial Equity Lens

Draft Racial Equity Self-Assessment for Evaluators

Draft Template for Racial Equity Evaluation

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