“Expectations to Change” (E2C): A Participatory Method for Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement with Evaluation Findings


Dr. Adrienne Adams—Assistant Professor of Ecological-Community Psychology, Michigan State University
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Location: 4410 Ellsworth Hall
Time: Noon – 1pm

Program evaluators strive to conduct evaluations that are useful to stakeholders. To achieve this goal, it is critical to engage stakeholders in meaningful ways throughout the evaluation. The “Expectations to Change” (E2C) process is an interactive, workshop-based method for engaging stakeholders with their evaluation findings as a means of promoting evaluation use and building evaluation capacity. In the E2C process, stakeholders are guided through establishing standards, comparing the actual results to those standards to identify areas for improvement, and then generating recommendation and concrete action steps to implement desired changes. In this presentation, I will describe the process, share findings from an evaluation of its effectiveness, and discuss its general utility in evaluation practice.

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