Integrating Traditional Evaluation with Agent-Based Simulation of Complex Behavior


Dr. Jonathan Morell—Director of Evaluation, Fulcrum Corporation
Dr. Van Parunak—Senior Scientist, SoarTech
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Location: 4410 Ellsworth Hall
Time: Noon – 1pm

We will make the case for continually iterating between traditional evaluation methods and agent based simulation over the course of an evaluation’s life cycle. First we will discuss the value of any kind of simulation as an evaluation tool. We will then discuss the nature of complex systems and show why agent-based simulation provides information that would not otherwise be available. We will conclude with a demonstration of a scenario in which traditional evaluation methods and an executable agent based model inform each other in an evaluation of best practice adoption. The result of using both approaches will be enhanced ability to anticipate unexpected results of program behavior, and deeper understanding of the implicit assumptions that guide program development and program execution.

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