The Key to Dissertating: Defining Your Contribution


The Key to Dissertating: Defining Your Contribution
Dr. Amy Gullickson—Senior Lecturer, Centre for Program Evaluation, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Noon-1pmDissertations are based around contributions. However, this term is often not very clearly defined or explained, and you end up relying solely on your committee members to tell you whether or not your proposed topic or finished work is “a contribution.” No matter where you are in the process of your PhD, understanding what a contribution is (and how your dissertation will make one) can help you communicate effectively with others about your work AND keep you on track and focused. This ecafe will be a quick workshop that will help you understand what makes a contribution and get you started on defining the contribution your work will make. It will be useful for those who are

  • just starting coursework
  • recruiting committee members
  • approaching comps
  • drafting your dissertation prospectus or proposal
  • inviting participants into your data collection
  • writing up findings
  • preparing for your oral defense
  • discussing your dissertation with colleagues

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