Universal Design for Evaluation




Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dr. Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski, Ph.D.—Institute for Community Inclusion, University of Massachusetts BostonDr. June Gothberg, Ph.D.—Senior Research Associate, Office of the Vice President of Research, WMU

Vulnerable populations including persons with disabilities, the homeless, chronically ill, veterans, economically disadvantaged, low-literate, elderly, and culturally different are frequently involved in or affected by evaluations, regardless of the specific topic under investigation. Designing evaluation tools to include persons with disabilities and other vulnerable populations is critical to ensure these populations are fairly represented and included in the evaluation process. Universally designed evaluation plans, materials, and data collection tools provide for more inclusive, sound and valid evaluation practice. This presentation will describe the concept of universal design for evaluation (UDE) and discuss a UDE checklist developed by the presenters.

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